"We have both really enjoyed our baby massage course. Amber's calm manner settles the babies & my daughter really loves coming! Thank you so much."

"Lovely course, really nice thing to do.  Also great to have time to share experiences & get advice.  Brilliant snacks too! Thank you!"

"Great class - relaxed, informative & learned loads. Thanks Amber!"

"Hi Amber, I hope you are well! I just wanted to say thank you for all of the advice you gave me during baby massage classes and the weaning course last year, I really couldn't have coped without the support and network the classes created for me!"

"A lovely, relaxing way to spend the morning. Amber is so calm and informative. We've really enjoyed it. Highly recommended."

"Very calming & relaxed style. Good size group. Good handouts. Always excellent advice."

"Amber's baby massage course is such a wonderful investment in your little treasure. Little Sammy, 12 weeks, loves the attention, play and rhymes and we have made it part of our bed routine. Even when, a couple of times, I only got to massage one and a half legs, because my baby happened to be sleepy or hungry, l still had a fab time watching and catching up with other mums in a super relaxed atmosphere and lovely home! Amber is also full of superb insights and advice for young mums!! All in all so good that we have done the course twice, making some great friends & learning a lovely new skill!"

(Mother of 12week old boy)

"I highly recommend Amber's class. My son loves the massage, which we do every night as part of his bedtime routine. But the class is more than just learning techniques, it is taught in a lovely relaxing environment and Amber provides lots of helpful advice on caring for your baby as well as tea & gorgeous snacks! A lovely way to spend an hour and a half. Thank you Amber.
(Mother of 2,5 month old boy)


"This course is more than a massage course.  Amber is very experienced with a lot of knowledge about babies.  The massage has helped me to bond with my baby even more." (Mother of 12 week old surrogacy baby).

"I have thoroughly enjoyed this course & I'm really sad it has to end. Thanks Amber.
(Mother of 3 month old girl)

"Amber's courses are brilliant.  Sound advice on babies combined with beautiful massage techniques make for very enjoyable mornings.  A great teacher who you can trust implicitly to calm your baby through massage." (Mother of 5 month old girl)

"I really enjoyed the baby massage and have found the stomach massage so calming and helpful for my baby. At the end of the day when she has had enough, the stomach massage is something she really enjoys.  Such good skills & tools to learn & here for always. Thank you do much." (Mother of 12 week old girl)

"It was great fun doing baby massage with other mums. My baby loves it and it's a great chance to also ask other questions and exchange tips with Amber and the others.  Definitely recommend it! Thank you!"
(Mother of 10 week old girl)

"Fabulous class - welcoming, relaxing and amazing for babies. Would strongly recommend to any mum!" (Mother of 4 month old boy)

"G and I thoroughly enjoyed our Friday mornings with Amber.  The class was great and G loves his massage every night after bath. Amber's tips and knowledge on baby stuff etc has also been fantastic." (Mother of 3 month old boy)

"J and I loved the class, hence our signing up for the next one!  I love the atmosphere, the tea and cakes... and the fact you can use a doll if your baby isn't in the mood."
(Mother of 8 week old boy)

"Hi Amber, I wanted to let you know that I have been using the baby massaging techniques with L at home these last two nights and he LOVES them!  Particularly the foot massage.  It really helps to settle him at bed time.  Thank you! I'm looking forward to the rest of the classes...hopefully he'll stay awake next time!"
(Mother of 9 week old boy)

"I found the massage course really good.  I am still massaging B a lot after his evening bath.  He enjoys it very much, it calms him and prepares him for going to bed afterwards.  I liked the small groups and the atmosphere at your place.  Especially your relaxed way of explaining and showing everything.  The tea time after the massage course gave us the time to discuss day to day challenges with a small baby.  It's a good way of learning from each other and from the more experienced mums like you."  (Mother of 5 month old boy)

 "I liked the smallness of the class best & the sensitivity of Amber with the individual baby's needs.  I would really reccommend the course, I really enjoyed this with my second daughter."
(Mother of 7 month old girl)

"Thank you so much, I really loved it.  It stood out because Amber is so calm and knowledgeable - made us feel really welcome and listened to."
(Mother of 3 month old boy)

"Very sad the course is over!  The course was informative & there had a relaxing atmosphere, perfectly condusive for massage.  Very relaxed, it didn't matter if your baby was crying or needed to be fed."
(Mother of 14 week old boy)

"Hi Amber.  Just wanted to say thanks again for the baby massage classes.  We're still doing it everyday and sometimes twice a day and he's enjoying it...most of the time :) " 
(Mother of 9 week old boy)

Testimonials & Kind Words

"Finally! It's so good to be back here again, it is such a calm haven. I've been waiting for this since I found out I was pregnant!"

"Really enjoyed baby massage sessions with my son Louis. All the babies seemed to enjoy the massage more and more as the sessions progressed.
I enjoyed the informal part of chatting with Amber & other mums. I liked the little songs e learnt alongside the massage. Thank you!"

"Had a great 5 weeks, Elaine actually loved to be massaged and I have found it really helped with naps.
Lovely relaxed environment, I would highly recommend it for mums & babies!"

"I really enjoyed the baby massage classes.  I would look forward to them every Monday morning.  They were very relaxed and flexible, which fits well with small babies.  All advice was very helpful, thanks so much! We will come back!"

"Baby Will (started at 7 weeks) and I loved baby massage with Amber! It really relaxed him & makes him so drowsy and sleepy afterwards.  It was also a great way to meet other mums & the last 30 minutes just to chat was lovely. 
Amber- you are so in tune with babies...I'm going to start calling you Mother Earth!!"

"I have really enjoyed the course and will certainly recommend it to friends. It is such a wonderful atmosphere - informal, calm and baby-led. I wish it was longer!"

"Harry & I found the course really relaxing, informative & useful. We use it every day and it has given us something nice to do before bedtime. Good amount of repetition & lovely having cups of tea made for you. I would recommend it to anyone."

"We really enjoyed the baby massage course - v good for learning how to bond with the baby, went at an easy pace & the classes were very much baby-led, which we loved -would definitely recommend to my friends!
The course was also very good for postnatal general discussions with Amber & the other mums. I'll miss coming here!"

"My baby and I LOVED Amber's massage course. We are so sad that it is over! Even though Mason is getting to be quite mobile & active, he thoroughly enjoyed the massages & it helped calm him down a bit. Thank you Amber!"

"Great class & friendly environment. Would definitely recommend to other mums. Amber is a great support and source of information, especially in the early days of motherhood. Great way to meet other new mums and hat experiences."

"Really enjoyed the baby massage class - learnt a lot about how to do the strokes as well as making it fun and helping to sooth colic and wind. Was also good opportunity to socialise with other mothers and get out of the house! My baby loved it, as did I! Thanks Amber.

"Amber's baby massage class is as expected wonderful, and an accepting space to learn to massage your baby. I wish I could have attended more sessions to gain more from the series, but it has also been a great way to meet friends and other babies. A good experience."

"We have both thoroughly enjoyed the massage course. The techniques are easy to follow at home & William loves his daily massage.
I have loved the relaxed, friendly environment and the chance to chat to other new mums. Thank you Amber - wonderful course."

"I really enjoyed Amber's Baby Massage course, the tummy massage has really helped with our baby's wind issues and I believe the techniques also helped prevent him getting colic.  It was good for learning new songs to sing to my baby also a lovely opportunity for me to integrate, meet other mums and socialise."
"I'm really missing the baby massage class! It was such a great thing to do with Iris when she was so small, one of very few interactive classes that benefit both mother and baby at such a young age. I loved the fact that every week there was an hour and a half when I knew Iris would get to see other babies (and more importantly I would see other mums) and that we would spend time bonding with each other too. You were so unbelievably patient with the battering mums, crying babies, nappy changes and feeding interruptions and were such a calming influence on us all.
Thank you for all your advice as well as the massage techniques etc. we both thoroughly enjoyed the classes and Iris now loves her daily massage!" 

"Amber's classes do so much more than simply provide an opportunity to learn baby massage, as beneficial as that is. She has a way of conveying the methods of massage that ensure you can confidently go away and manage on your own, with the calmness and friendliness that immediately puts you (and your baby!) at ease. I would not hesitate to recommend her classes to anyone wanting a means of bonding with their baby. I thoroughly enjoyed the classes :)" (Mother of 4 month old girl)

"Z and I really enjoyed the course. It was a thoroughly enjoyable way for us to spend the afternoon for 5 weeks. You created a lovely, relaxed and soothing environment for all the mums and babies. I don't think we ever achieved all babies being massaged at the same time but the way you managed this was fab - it meant the babies were massaged when they were ready. The great thing is that I have taken what we have learnt and it has now become a regular part of his night time routine. Amber, on top of this your general baby knowledge has been a great support. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you. Thanks again." (Mother of 4month old boy)

"This is a great course to introduce massage to your baby. Amber is great at explaining the strokes. Also if your baby might not be participating you can pick it up easily so you can practise at home. She has a calm nature which makes baby and mum feel at ease.
Amber listens to questions and the needs of what the babies might be going through and gives great advice from her bank of knowledge. All in all a great course to attend."(Mother of 4 month old girl)

"J & I loved your massage classes - even
when he wasn't in the mood for a massage it was really nice to come & chat for few hours, catch up with everyone and know that we could ask you about any random questions that we'd thought of!
Learning the massage itself was also great - James has one after his bath each night & smiles when I rub my hands together as he knows what's coming :) "
(Mother of 4 week old boy)
"I think one of the most important things you offer is a no pressure, relaxed environment for new mums to be in where they can share & ask questions as and when the thoughts come to them. 
At a time when everything is scary & new it is so valuable to have that date in the diary where someone makes you a cup of soothing tea & that someone is caring and kind, and is there to lend an ear - priceless!"
(Mother of 8 week old boy)
 "Thank you so much for providing us with an oasis of calm, mutual support, tea, biscuits, advice - not to mention baby massage skills. We miss it already. If only the classes stretched throughout my maternity leave. I hope we see you around Chiswick soon.
(Mother of 4 month old boy)

Thank you so much for a wonderful course; easy to follow & use of home.  Amber is the best teacher, very friendly & understanding, a warm welcome every week!
(Mother of 12 week old boy) 

"I love this class and very much look forward to coming every week.  Pippa loves the massage as well, she laughed and smiled at all the other babies in the class. Amber is fantastic!"
(Mother of 3month old girl)
"A wonderful course, cannot recommend it highly enough. Brilliant bonding time for my son and I, which taught me skills to calm a very colicky baby. Amber is a fantastic teacher, she is genuinely interested in you and your baby as individuals, and is happy to discuss and share opinions on everything from teething, to sleepless nights, to feeding. A huge source of knowledge for all new Mums!"
(Mother of 11 week old boy)

"I loved your course very much and it helped me a lot both with my babies and myself. Actually it helped me to go out from the house. Coming to you with the pram gave me the confidence for my first moments "out and about". After that I realised that I am able to go for a walk or go to a course with the pram and a changing bag. Before your course I was really scared of being out on my own with the babies. Actually I was avoiding all the opportunities to get out if my husband or my doula, were not with me.
I have used your massage techniques with the babies a lot, after changing nappy or after bath. They really love it. Sometimes twins mums are very busy doing practical things like feeding or changing nappies and feel they don't have the time to play with their children or enjoy moments together. I am like that. Baby massage is really helpful, it can be done for 10 minutes or longer and it's a great tool in bonding with babies."
(Mother of 11 week old twin boys)

"M and I really enjoyed the baby massage course. It was great to learn how to soothe her and massage her properly.  After just the first class she fell asleep and slept for nearly 2 hours.  I couldn't believe it as she has never liked sleeping in the day! The classes are easy to follow and the work sheets mean its possible to recreate the massage at home. Relaxed and friendly, I thoroughly recommend this course." (Mother 0f 9 week old baby)

"We started a 3-session course with Amber when my baby was 6 weeks old. Primarily I choose this to both relax and stimulate my baby and as a nice experience for me as a new mum.
It certainly did all the above with my then 6 week old falling asleep straight afterwards, it was great for me to understand the parts of his body that he enjoyed being touched (feet) and the parts he did not (back).  As we came to our last session I felt very confident doing each massage and have been able to continue with them as part of the baby's bedtime routine. Thoroughly recommend it !!" (Mother of 6 week old boy, private course at her home)

"Hi Amber, I am just e-mailing to say thank you. I enjoyed the course and meeting other mums. I really felt lonely at home and needed to speak to mothers who were like minded. I have not been fortunate to have my mum or my husband's mum around to show me the ropes. So I really appreciated talking to other mums and knowing that we were all going through the same thing. I also appreciated your advise, especially on Gina Ford's methods. As we were desperate for a good nights sleep, we landed on her and the reality is that mum knows best. So we have taken the advise that we can work with and discarded the rest. My son's colic is a lot better due to the massaging l do daily, and I am a lot better too. I have looked forward to learning something new which has brought me and Y together. Thank you." (Mother of 9 week old boy)

"Thank you for the classes, it was lovely to feel that it was not the end of the world if any baby couldn't cope with a particular stroke or needed to feed/be comforted etc and to have learned the skills to take away and practise and to teach to partners. Also a lovely space for mutual support and relaxation for mothers. Thank you!" (Mother of 3 month old boy)

"Thank you for your time advice and snacks! It was lovely meeting you and yours and we really appreciated the way you ran your classes - in that it didn't feel like a class but more like we were visiting :) ." (Mother of 4 month old twin boys)

"Thank you very much for running the course. We all really enjoyed it. It was lovely to have a class with such a relaxed atmosphere where we could take things slowly if the babies weren’t all in the mood for massage at the same time. The massage skills we learnt are still part of our routine two months after the class. It calms the boys down at the end of the day and they particularly enjoy having a face massage."
(Mother of 12 week old twin boys)

"I've been meaning to say thanks for the baby massage course which Isabella and I really enjoyed. Although I don't often find the time to go through the full body massage I often do legs or back when I'm changing Isabella and she is always very relaxed by it. I've added the face massage into our bedtime routine and this seems to be helping at the moment with the discomfort of teething. It was nice too to meet some other babies, especially with Isabella being number three we don't often have time to do 'baby' things." (Mother of a 15 week old girl)

"Really enjoyed the class. Brilliant to get together with the other mums and get advice and tips. Snacks with the tea break was great. Classes were really relaxing, even when babies were cranky it was great fun. I have had lots of smiles from my baby when practising at home. (Mother of 6 week old girl)

"I found baby massage very useful and enjoyable. A suffered from constipation and it helped to relieve her as well as give me a tool to relax her her, particular before bed. In addition, it was a great way to make some new local friends, and to ask Amber any questions baby related that I was unsure of. As a mum of 3 she has a wealth of experience which I found very useful!" (Mother of 5 month old girl)

 "Amber's classes were a fun and relaxed introduction to baby massage. Our twin boys really responded to the techniques Amber taught us, and we loved her informal and baby-led approach to teaching. We'd highly recommend Amber's classes to any parents looking for a fun and instructive way to bond with their baby." (Father of 4 month old twin boys)

"Thank you very much for the lovely classes. It was a very nice opportunity for me to get out of the house and meet people and learn lots of things - great! The massage I learned from you works so well for me and A. We both find it relaxing and have some fun together. Once again thank you so much! (Mother of 3 month old boy)

"Thank you so much for the brilliant classes! I now have the confidence & knowledge to treat H to an amazing massage which he has learnt to thoroughly love & enjoy. Also, the classes are great for all of us mothers to get together for a chat and support." (Mother of 4 month old boy)

"It was really lovely to meet you, and I so enjoyed the classes--they made such a lovely focal point for my Thursdays, especially when A was even tinier and I was still trying to wrap my head around getting my days organised (as though that were possible!). Anyway, your warmth and openness contributed as much to the class as the techniques we learned-- you managed, seemingly effortlessly, to create an atmosphere of positivity and calm that made us feel both welcome and supported, which again is a real blessing in the context of the chaos of the early days with a first baby. The social element was an unexpected bonus, but yes, really nice to meet other parents also just getting started and figuring it out. And you are a brilliant teacher: clear, patient, personal. I massage A, now 16 weeks, regularly after her bath now, and can't decide what my favorite part of it is; the way her eyes widen now when I tell her it's time for her massage; the way her body stretches out and relaxes as we go; the eye contact and the cooing sounds she makes throughout; or the way she sleeps so soundly afterwards. Heartwarming. All in all, I feel like I got much more than I expected to out of this course-- thank you!"
(Mother of 16 week old girl)

"A relaxing & welcoming atmosphere - really condusive to learning infant massage. Thank you Amber, you really shared with us your passion for babies in teaching us these techniques we can use for years to come."
(Mother of 12 week old girl)