Fathers or partners are of course welcome to come along to the weekday courses.  I find that where it is the mother who is the main carer, most partners are back at work and cannot attend.  I can organise a weekend session either for couples 1-2-1, or as part of a group booking where we set up a class for the fathers to come and learn how to massage their baby.

If you can't attend a course, why not practice baby massage together with your partner?  I hand out a booklet with the strokes, so you can use this as a guideline.  You can always contact me for advice.  It is a great way of spending some quality time with your baby, getting to know him or her better and to feel that you are doing something that you both enjoy and benefit from. Please ask your partner to teach you the cues we show the baby prior to starting the massage strokes so your baby understands what is going to happen.

Do you have any questions? Please contact me for further info.