Course Duration & Costs
The group course consists of five classes (consecutive weeks) lasting 1.5 hours each, and costs £75.  If you pay in advance of the course start date via bank transfer the course fee will be £70.  
The course fee is payable at the start of the course in cash or by cheque or bank transfer.  Discounts for twins & multiples apply.

Courses are normally held at my home, but I often travel to clients' homes as well.  I have facilitated courses in Chiswick, Hammersmith, Shepherds Bush, Acton, Harrow, Marble Arch, Belgravia, Tower Hill, and also taught visitors from the UAE at The Royal Penthouse in The Corinthia Hotel (Whitehall Place).  Private 1-2-1 sessions start from £45 per hour, depending on the time & cost of travel. 

What if my baby cries or is unsettled?
Please don't worry that you may upset the class if your baby cries, or is unsettled - it's all part of being a baby :) there is no pressure to 'perform'!

What to bring?
Included in the price is a bottle of cold-pressed organic sunflower oil, a booklet with all the massage strokes and various handouts.  I will provide mats and cushions, as well as spare nappy supplies, wipes, refreshments & snacks. 

Please could you bring:

- your baby/your babies
- a towel if you like (to roll up & wrap around your baby to create a boundary that smells of home)
- your usual nappy bag

- please wear comfortable clothes as we will be sitting on the floor
There will be plenty of time for you to learn the baby massage techniques, enjoy a cup of tea/coffee & a snack, share parenting experiences, and to discuss any other topics.

Some of the topics that are often discussed:

- Sleeping, routines or no routines, safe sleep, baby's development, teething
 Childcare, returning to work or not, childcare options
- Feelings after birth, body image, healing and recovery from birth, emotional adjustment to parenthood
- Managing expectations
 Relationships, finding time for each other and yourself, bonding with baby, family dynamics 

The classes are a great way to spend quality time with your baby, and to learn more about how babies communicate.  It is also an opportunity to meet other parents, and to share & learn from each others' experiences.  At the same time you will pick up a new skill that will last a lifetime!