My name is Amber, I am a mother of three young children, a Certified Infant Massage Instructor, (CIMI /IAIM) and antenatal teacher at Chiswick Antenatal Classes (

When I was taught baby massage in 2004, I found it enriched my confidence, it increased my ability to read my baby's cues & it contributed to my enjoyment in being a parent.  My classes offer parents the opportunity to learn infant massage techniques and to spend quality time with their baby, as well as a place of support.

The classes are completely baby-led and parents are encouraged to feed, change nappies and comfort their babies as and when they feel the need to do so.  If preferred, you can always arrive a bit earlier to feed your baby prior to the class.  The atmosphere is calm and very laid-back; there is absolutely no pressure to 'perform' or to be the perfect parent with the perfectly behaved baby - there's no such thing.  

Please don't worry about your baby crying, it's what they do & it is normal!

Call, text or email me for further information on:
07957 610 380